all in a day...

I had alot of fun taking photos for my twelve of twelve yesterday ( thanks Susan for the reminder). I started lated but still was able to get some good shots of my day. I updated to itunes 7.0 yesterday. Loves it! Apple rules!! I also started on my take on dare 39. I think I will finish it tonight. This dare is about secrets...mine is my crush on Wentworth Miller (although no secret to my sister). I love this actor and his show PB. I also was able to get some shots of the children playing. Saadiq was into his motorcycles yesterday so he lined them up for me to take some pictures of them. I read EW (Entertainment Weekly) for some inspiration and the low down on this season's Survivor. I tihnk it will be interesting. I will be tuning in since B and I love realitytv. I did two loads of laundry that is always never ending. Now the thing is to put the clothes away. I hate that part! I also took a picture of the kitchen because this is what happens when you don't process the recyclables and load the dishwasher everyday. So now I have a before and after shot. It takes less than five minutes, I need to make the time to do this instead of it piling up and out of control. B took the picture of me grooming Aiden for the night, thanks B! :) Finally, went to sleep after midnight after finding my mojo at 11:55pm. maawaaah...happy wednesday!


  1. renee2:00 PM

    Great pictures about your day. I totally agree with you about the laundry. I don't mind doing it, I just hate to put it up.


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