flagAs with many Americans I will always remember this day. I remember where I was, how I felt and the effect it had on me. In 2001 I lived 10 minutes from the Pentagon. When the plane hit, it was heard at my residence. I could see the smoke from the building as it burned that day. As I watched the news I cried and cried. All communication here was scrambled so we could not get incoming calls or place outgoing calls. The city was grief stricken and wounded. Such terrible devestation ,words can not express the reality of having an terrorist attack happen so close to you. Somehow you are changed forever, noting seems as secure as it once was or as you thought it mat have been. As I was commuting to work this morning and driving bythe Pentagon with our National Flag at half mass I took a moment to reflect and to say a prayer for the families who lost loved ones on 9.11.01. May every soul that was lost be never forgotten. Cherish the life you live, love the ones you cherish and be live everyday as if it was your last.


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