oh so booked....

yes that is what I am for the next two nights!
loving that all of my favorite shows are coming back on tv
tonight will be Project Runway and America's Next Top Model
I am really liking this season of PR!
I love how they are making the competition tougher for the contestants.

Tomorrow will be the much anticipated Grey's Anatomy premiere
What are your predictions? So much going on I don't know where to begin.
will Dr. Burke ever be a surgeon again, will Meredith finally go to McDreamy
Will McDreamy leave sheDevil?
are Lizzy and Alex back on ?
is she out of the program??
my heart is racing just thinking about it
What do you think will happen??

Supernatural and Survivor will also be on the telly. loves it!
happy hump day!
ps...thank you everyone for posting commenting on my pictures from the weekend. I can't wait to scrap them!


  1. I can't wait for GA either. Love that show. Also Supernatural. I am also a Lost junkie. Can't wait to see want happens with those shows.

  2. I'm sweating just thinking about it! Just love watch Patrick Dempsey! Not sure what is going to happen, but can't wait to see.


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