2 peas challenge

1) When was the last time you truly watched at a sunset? I watched a sunset while on vacation in May. It was beautiful because the sun was setting over the ocean

2) What are you most obsessive about?

3) Last thing you ate? I just ate a salad (my lunch)

4) Any plans for Halloween? I will be taking Saadiq and Synai trick-or treating. We had fun last year because my children are finally at the age to really enjoy activities like this. :)

5) What kind of shampoo do you like? I love Dove shampoo. I think it is the enriched moisturized one!

6) What do you do with your change? I spend it, no saving here!! LOL

7) What do you usually do/eat at lunchtime? Most of the time I work through lunch but on occassion I will visit my LSS.

8) When was the last time you called someone for help? Tuesday evening I had to call B to pick up Synai and Saadiq from their provider because I was running late. Synai I just fell and split her lip. I had to take her to the emergency room once I got home. She is doing well, has a terrible swollen lip. Thanks B!!

9) If you could have one TOY for Christmas, what would it be? Quickutz, does that count? LOL

10) How many people have you currently not forgiven for something/do you hold a grudge against?
Don't have any grudges against anyone. Takes up too much negative energy and time to carry around a grudge.


  1. LOL at the quickutz toy. I think most SB toys count. Hope Synai is feeling better.


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