Autumn Inspiration...

"Autumn inspiration - According to my calendar, today (Sept 22) is the "Autumnal Equinox," and it's my favorite season, so show me what you love about the fall - the colors?... the leaves?...etc."~ Kerri
I love Autumn, it is won of my favorite seasons
Maybe because I was born in the fall!
I love how you can play outside and not get hot.
All of the beautiful colors are total inspiration for me!
I love color!!


  1. Those are awesome photos. Can't wait to see the layouts.

  2. Hi Vee,
    I love the cool weather and brilliant colors too. Great photos. Looks like the whole family likes the fall.

  3. Love those pics. That is the only thing that make me sad that I don't live in the north. Maybe you can send me some autumn leaves. LOL

  4. A fun time for kids. I let the kite fly with my son Lars already a couple of times!

  5. Saddiq and Synai are SUCH cuties!
    I agree with you... Fall is perfect for playing outside! Especially since our Summers are SO HUMID! Fall is a nice break from all that soaking humidity indeed!

  6. GREAT photos!! They just scream "FALL!!!!"
    I love Fall too. We're finally getting some cooler temps down here in Bama (I got to wear a sweatshirt this evening; that was exciting!!)

  7. I love Autumn too. Back in Cali. You do not get the beautiful colors that you do here in OK. I just love the whole feeling of Fall. And It is a nice break from the heat don't you think?


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