last day new decade....

This is the last day I will post as a woman who is in her 20's.
My BIRTHDAY is tomorrow
Hello to the future and all that it may hold for me in my 30's
feeling blessed to have lived thus far and to have made this journey in life
to have children and people around me that love me so much
I can only hope that the next decade can be as nice :)

I am looking forward to celebrating and nuturing my spirit


  1. Renee6:33 PM

    Happy birthday!!!!! Have a great one.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VEE! Girl birthdays are so important I think the older we get. Have a good one kay?

  3. Yay! You're going to be 30.
    Hope you have a great day and you get lots of presents!!

  4. Aunt B.G.9:14 AM

    Happy Birthday Vee! I hope that you have a wonderful day because you are EXTRAORDINARY! Love you much and I will talk to you soon!

  5. Well Happy Belated Pink Birthday to you! What a great concept - pink the new 30! Love it. Hope the year ahead is full of good stuff!

  6. happy happy birthday (albeit belated) it's a good day... you share the same birthday as my dad:)

    happy birthday, 30 aint so bad after all, is it? i was 30 last august, and once my birthday came and went, not much had changed;) like you, just feeling blessed to have all the blessings i have in my life:)

    God bless you!


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