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This week's topic for Friday October 7th suggested by Jill: STICK IT TO THE... BOARD!
" It would be interesting to see the variety of bulletin/memory boards in our studios. What is pinned to them? Photos? Notes? Reminders? Ideas for future projects?"

I have two boards in my space: one for inspiration and the other for some of my packaged goodies. I love my magnetic strip from IKEA. I usually post small items that I make such as cards and photos to it. I also place some of Saadiq's art there too. That is his art on the end, makes me smile:)


  1. adrienne10:41 AM

    I am so in love with IKEA. I wish we had one here! LOL

  2. I am loving your Studio Friday posts. Can't wait until we move out of the temp housing and I can design a studio again.

  3. I have those Ikea ones too! Just no space to hang them up so far!

  4. Love this entry, Vee!
    Another Ikea--less scrapper here.
    Have a great weekend, girl!

  5. Girl, you got some good stuff on that board. Wohoo, can I come play?? Dana

  6. I used to have some of the IKEA strips in my last flat & I loved them...great pictures1

    Ouissi x

  7. One of these days I'll get a board!

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Aunt B.G.11:41 AM

    I must say that this past weekend was very entertaining. I worked alongside Vee at the annual Dulles Day Plane Pull to benefit Special Olympics of VA. I had an awesome time and enjoyed working with my big Sis who it absolutely awesome at what she does. Not only does she work well under pressure but she keeps the biggest, prettiest smile on her face. Love you Vee. More fun next year!

  9. I am so jealous. I love Ikea but there isn't one in this area.

  10. I need to get those magnetic strips from IKEA too! I love what you have done with them!


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