I did this lo for dare 45, scrapping memoribelia.
I decided to scrap my movie ticket stub from POC 2
love this movie!!
love Captain Jake
love the dialogue
so yes I am a PIRATEHEAD and now I think I have converted my sis too. LOL
love Orlando Bloom oh yum yum yum :)
just a plain good old movie!!
home today chillin with Saadiq and Synai
love that...thinking about going to the park.
It is feeling like a true fall day today
Very breezy
feeling my mojo
about to create some more
love that for sure


  1. what an *awesome* LO!! i love it :) love me some johnny. and mcdreamy too:).

  2. adrienne5:45 PM

    Cool LO!

  3. Oooh I LOVE the mix of thickers...that's them right?

  4. this page is sooooo much fun! and yes, cptn jack rocks...

  5. I love this layout! Love the thick chunky letters and the arrows and do I detect some Bohemian rub-ons. I absolutely love those!

    I love capt. jack sparrow too!

  6. Man, VEE THAT is a kick butt layout! love IT!!!

  7. OMG.....I just found this & I will definately have to scraplift this one as I too am both a POC fan as well as a major Johnny Depp fan. Thanks so much for sharing.


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