some confessions...

1. I am not a scrapbooker under pressure. Nope...don't handle stress to well. I buckle, fold and collapse. I am my own worse critic.

2. Work is insane, I think I will drive all over Northern VA for the rest of the week delivering shirts to teams in the Plane Pull on Saturday.

3. Can't wait to see Project Runway's Reunion show tonight. I know there will some sort of drama

4. I need to start my layout for the AE/zine challenge this week

5. I need more hours in the day sometimes. It never seems that I am ever fully caught up on anything.

6. News has it that TomKat is buying a $22 million mansion in Loudoun County,VA. Are they bringing this circus to the area? LOL...maybe I will be able to confirm that Suri is real. LOL

7. I will be 30 in thirteen days....can't believe it! Time moves so quickly but I am happy about it. I have been blessed with so much. :)

8. I must admit I looked at The Carter's on E the other night and I loved it! I know another reality show I am hooked on but that is what I am a reality junkie.LOL

Have a great Wednesday, which feels like Thursday for some reason to me.


  1. adrienne10:41 AM

    Hope you have a wonderful scared of turning thirty. I will be 29 next month! ANd i WISH it was Thursday! LOL

  2. Great post.

    Happy B-day my fellow Libra. My B-day is Friday.

    I wanted to watch the Carter's E Show but couldn't remember what time it came on. My younger brother use to be a back-up dancer for Aaron.

  3. Great post! I didn't know your birthday was coming up!!

  4. I'll be watching PR tonight too. Can't wait for the finale.

  5. I turned 32 today. 30 is fun! No more drama like with your 20's.... Dana

  6. How did you like the PR Reunion show? Happy Birthday - a little bit early!

  7. happy b'day to you.


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