thinking about....

I am thinking about lots of things today. So happy it is Friday, for some reason this week seemed to move slow to me even though was ubber busy at work. Here is what is on my mind today.
1. Not looking forward to getting up early tomorrow to set-up for an event in the rain again. aa works is never done. LOL But is is for a awesome cause.
2. Thinking about getting Diddy's new album, Press Play. Will have to listen to some samples on iTunes over the weekend. Loving Come to me single.
3. Super eXcited about having my photo session with this talented lady on Sunday. Hopefully the forecasted weather will stay the same. :)
4. Getting excited about putting up the Christmas tree in a month. Love celebrating the holidays!!
5. I need to put my Christmas present list to paper. I have to get it down before I forget what I am getting people. I already know half of it so I am happy about that.
6. Really loving Janet Jackson's new CD even though it isn't getting much love
7. I want to see Borat. Maybe will get to see it over the w/e. I think it opens today.
8. Getting lots of spiritual inspiration from my daily word emails:"I speak words that are divinely inspired affirmations of strength and power."
9. I am happy that I started this blog, even though as of late I haven't been updating it as often as I did when I first started blogging. I love meeting new people and looking at the things they create. I love to learn and learn on how to better myself always. I think this is such a cool learning experience to get how people are doing things right in their lives. So many inspiring blogs out there. Kelly has a cool blog that is totally inspiring. Check Wilna out as well. Both ladies are total talents and so grounded.
10. Shared some candy corn with my family last night. The children loved it!! This was one of my favorite candy as a child from Halloween. It was so cool seeing their faces as they tasted the first bite. I didn't take a picture, just wanted to enjoy the moment. I love being their mommy and getting to see life again through their eyes



  1. Girl we are too much alike. I can't wait to put my Christmas decorations out and I will be in a new home. I was singing Christmas carols this morning....LOL


  2. Wow girl looks to me you have all you need to start a 'thankful' or 'reflections page. It's the's the season where we all just take a step back and look at all the blessings we have. Although my kids were just annoying yesterday...I really could not be more shined down apon by God the moment he brought them in my life. -Many blessings to you Vee

  3. Renee1:09 PM

    Loved your post. Have a great weekend.


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