I love...

waking up to crisp fall and spring mornings
Plum pudding scented home oils from the Body Shop
that it is two weeks from Thanksgiving
hugs and kisses from Synai and Saadiq. They have been doing alot of that lately
laughing and being silly with Brigittee. She gets my humor and we crack each other up
meeting so many nice people through my blog
coconut pineapple pie...one of our bake goodies for Thanksgiving. YUM
Christmas shopping and wrapping gifts. I purchased my first gift this morning.
long sleeved layering shirts from Aeropostale. I know it is a teeny bopper store but I love their gear. Plus they have awesome sales. ...I am a total sales girl!
snow days...hopefully I will be getting some of those soon! :)
Wendesdays...so much closer to the weekend
that Britney finally dumped Kfed now he is Exfed!!


  1. Aunt B.G.9:31 AM

    You purchased your first gift already? You're on the ball. Synai looks has changed a lot since that pic was taken. Interesting how kids grow so fast. Have a great day!

  2. Aunt B.G.9:34 AM

    I meant to say that Synai has changed a lot. I type too fast. She's so pretty.

  3. I love your post today. I love Mango body butter by the body shop. Smells soooo good! Dana

  4. adrienne12:26 PM

    Brittney has been THE talk!!! LOL

  5. Can you post the recipe for the coconut pineapple pie. Sounds yummy!

  6. ohhh coconut pineapple pie sounds really yummy ;) I love going x-mas shopping and the whole experience of christmas too.

    YAY Brittney finally came to her senses and dumped that loser!!

  7. Wow...you are totally discriptive. Everytime I read your blog I feel like I am in another world. Gald to see you had a great day. May tomarrow be the same!

  8. Oh you make me long for Thanksgiving! I am so nostalgic about it this year and can hardly wait!

  9. Great list Vee!!

  10. I love a good sale as well...it makes you think though as you know they're still making a profit even at the sale price...so how much were they making at the regular price!!!

    I love the Tanger Outlets...I find they have some really good prices!!!

    I love ALL things Body Shop sale or not sale!!! I liked it back in the day where you got a refund for the empty bottles you bought back...if felt like you were helping with the world recycling project and getting some smell goods all at the same time!!!

  11. Vee, I want that recipe too! YUM! And jee thanks, now I think I have to go to bath and body works...you enabler! :)

  12. Ooh, Coconut Pineapple Pie! YUmmy!!!!
    Insted of Exfed, what about FedEx? That's too funny--kinda cracks me up!!
    Have a super weekend!!!!

  13. heya girlie!!

    i just love your take on the challenge, such a sweet photo of you & the babes. gotta say, too... i never thought i would love stamps like i do now!!

    i love your list of loves... i wish i knew you outside of cyberspace... my kinda gal;) thanks for being the cheeleader that you are:)




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