it's the most wonderful time of the year...

Can you tell that I am so ready for the holidays? I love this time of year! :) Thanksgiving is three weeks away. I can't believe it!! So eXcited!! Where has this year gone?! I can't believe 06 is almost over. Halloween was cool, just chilled with my family and passed out candy to a few treaters. Saadiq made a executive decision that he didn't want to go treack-or-treating. You see he had a BIG day yesterday. He had a school field trip to the pumpkin patch,a halloween parade and party. I would say that would be enough to make any 6 year old tired; So we stayed in!! :) Ok back to my holiday talk...who else is ready?
I can't wait to start playing Christmas music and decorating the house. I was in the mall yesterday and they already have their decorations up. So pretty too!
Made my notes of what I am getting everyone for Christmas
I am going to attempt to draft my Christmas cards this w/e. I want to have them mailed of by the Friday after Thanksgiving. Goal is to keep them simple.
Good news...Tisha is almost done editing our pictures. I can't wait to see them! :) have a great Hump day!!


  1. Girl I hear ya...looking on to the future. Already anticipating Christmas. Girl I can't wait for the 24 hour christmas songs to come on. I LOVE me some Christmas songs and the smells of Christmas. just got me thinking about it now!

  2. What a grown up little 6 year old...he has his head on his shoulders already!!

    I love decorating as I can't wait to do Thanksgiving and remove Halloween....are you supposed to more Halloween by this weekend of when?

  3. ooh I've already started playing the christmas music but only when dh and kid are out of the house. They will think I've lost it :)


  4. adrienne2:58 PM

    I think everyone is ready for Christmas! LOL, I posted Christmas pics on my blog today! LOL

  5. This is my favorite time of the year Halloween and Christmas!


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