off to see my Redskins...

I am on my way to see the Redskins v. Cowboys game. YAY!! I am a diehard fan since I was about 3 years old. Love my skins even when they are having a season like this one. It will be Synai's first game. Saadiq went to see Nana so maybe next year for him. :) I have a quick layout to share. I did it for the Dare challenge. Head over to my gallery at 2 peas for more information. Edwin is almost ready and I haven't even started to get ready yet. know when men are ready they are ready to go. I am also working on another layout that I am loving at the moment. Using some American Craft pp , it is so cute and fun to play with. Have a great Sunday! :)
...hail to the Redskins!


  1. Wow girl this is nice!!! I love everything about it! Have a fun time at the game! -Karla

  2. hi vee. i found your blog via a post from michelle hill's blog. your work is just beautiful. i'm a football fan, too...but a bay area one.

    have a great day and congratulations on your toot!

  3. amber1:57 PM

    beautiful work!!!


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