I am CRAVING pineapple coconut pie. I can't wait to have some next week!

I LOVE my friends,family, my mini (aiden) and GA!It totally rocked last night. Veronica <3's McSteamy, McDreamy, Alex and Dr. Burke. Veronica likey likey. LOL

I FEEL excited about the weekend. Going to the movies with Saadiq and Synai to see Happy Feet. Can't wait to see the little penguin do his dance!

The MOST IMPORTANT is my family and friends. Also to raise my children to be socially and emotionally aware of the society we live in.

I ALWAYS CARRY my ipod. Love it, just downloaded Come Back to Me by Vanessa H. You know the actress from High School Musical. Totally love that song. :) Bonus that it is coming on tonight with Pop uP. Think I will have to get some popcorn for Saadiq, Synai and I while we watch it. Love that movie!!

I think TOMORROW will be a blessed in which I will be able to create, be a domestic goddess and run errands. LOL

I am at my HAPPIEST when I spend a day at home in my jammies creating, watching the children play and hanging out with my sis, B.

On MONDAY MORNING you can find me waking up at 4:30am getting ready for work.

My FAVORITE FOOD INGREDIENTS are garlic,onion powder and pepper.

My EYE COLOR is brown.

My favorite MATERIAL POSSESSION at the moment is my pink Legacy Coach bag. Put it on your Christmas list ladies!!

To RELAX, I like to listen to music,read a book or SLEEP!!

The town I LIVE in is commercially booming! We are about to get a Home Goods! Yes this is my highlight. LOL I also love living in the burbs but still can go into the city in 30 minutes.

My worst HABIT not hanging my clothes up in the closet after I wear them. Ummm....you don't want to see my closet floor at the moment.YIKES!!

My GUILTY PLEASURE is Haagen Dazs Sticky Toffee Pudding ice cream. It is a limited edition but so so yummy!!

When I LOOK at someone the first thing I see is their teeth. I love a beautiful smile and teeth. I know crazy!!

I can't live without Starbucks, Diet Mountain Dew, or my Heidi Swapp embellishments.

I WISH I had my own house next to Diddy. That man knows how to throw a party. Wouldn't be bad to be on the invite list to all of the happening parties going on in Tinselton.:)
I know I would GO OFF on anyone who hurts my family!

My LIFE is awesome. I can't complain beause I am healthy, loved and blessed.

Thanks for reading and Karla for the tag. Good stuff! Now I am tagging.....AMY!


  1. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM that ice cream sounds all good n' junk!!! I'm going to have to get me some of that!!! And 4:30 AM??????????
    Wow girly no wonder you hit up on that Starbucks and MD. LOL!!! Thanks for doing the tag!

    Have a grrrrrrrrrrrreat weekend kay? -Karla

  2. Fun! I'm going to Coach to check out this purse!

    I just updated my blog with the tag. Thanks!

  3. Adrienne5:32 PM

    GA WAS THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that show!

  4. teresa8:41 PM

    I saw happy Feet this weekend! Cute movie!!

  5. Vee, my kids saw happy feet this weekend too! They loved it! I love that Vanessa Hudgins (sp?) song too, wow that girl is gorgeous and has awesome pipes too! She can s i n g!

  6. i love grey's anatomy too, and pineapple coconut pie sounds amazing!

    happy thanksgiving!


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