2006 kicks rocks...

I had a great year, but am looking foward to 07. Even though there will be some changes. Everything will be ok. Looking forward to another year to grow, learn and experience new things! I hope you have a wonderful and properous New Year!!
My dd had a great birthday yesterday!! She loved her new friends and we had an awesome time at Tisha!! Who is truely amazing and not just with a camera. Thanks for all of the well wishes for Synai yesterday! But here are some shots she captured yesterday. I love them and can't wait to scrap them!!
All images are copyrighted to Tisha McCuiston


  1. Totally adorable Vee! I hope you have a great New Years!

  2. ahh she is too cute - happy new year!

  3. Her and that bunny....holy moly that is so freakin' cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  4. We had a ball too girl!!!! Give her a big kiss for me!! I just know this is going to be a good year for you :-)

  5. kelly mccaleb3:55 PM

    oh my heavens! ADORABLE!

  6. Awesonme pics. Synai is just too cute. Love the ponytails. Great pics. Happy New Year!!!



  7. Happy Belated Birthday Synai. V, 3 is such a great age. She will turn into a "little woman" overnight. Prepare yourself and enjoy.

  8. andrea11:00 PM

    she is such a little beauty! the pics turned out GREAT!

  9. ahhh such cute pics!


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