christmas spirit...

Loving the prompts from Chimelle's jornaling your Christmas class. You can check out other pages
here. I love looking at everyone's pages. I have almost finished decorating the house for Christmas. I just have to finish putting up some final touches. OK....I tried to look at Heroes last night. I like it but it was a little slow. Are their anymore Heroes fans out there? Is it always this slow?
Day 4 Christmas dreams...

Journaling reads: Christmas is one of lights, decoration, family, being with the ones I love, cooking, sharing traditions and remembering the birth of Jesus. I am lucky to have my dream every holiday season.
Day 3 cards...

This tree was suppose to make it to a Christmas card but I buckled and purchased some cards from Target instead. But I love this tree that I cut out so I added it to my cards page. :)
Journaling reads:
So not think I will be making cards this year. Although I think this tree is so cute!...maybe next year.


  1. Love your pages - they are so beautiful!

  2. love that dream page!
    heroes is probably easier to watch if you start with the first episode. i'm hooked!

  3. jill s12:47 PM

    LOVE your pages!!! beautiful work!

  4. renee1:48 PM

    Great pages!

  5. Those are some beautiful pages! TFS

  6. Love your page. This class is so fun!

  7. Just BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am seriously diggin' the tree! And girl I dont know...we might have to have a little chat cuz Heroes is like my favorite show!!!! Slow? Slow? girl...not to me!! LOL!!!!! Glad your a fan too though. That show is BANGIN'
    Chat with you soon chick -Karla

  8. candice4:08 PM

    Your pages are so cute! I love your album. Love the pattern Christmas tree.

  9. I am a Heroes fan, so if you have questions ask me I can help you understand it....

    Love the journalling...glad to see you keep your memories captured!!!


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