so going to catch a charge...

corbin is so cute
if I was 10 years younger it would be on!! LOL
he says he is 18 but in Hollywood years we all know he is like 21.
this looks like a cute movie just like High School Musical.
can't wait to see Jump In next month and High School Musical2 later in 2007.
catchy beat+yummy eyecandy=lovealbe song that makes it way onto me ipod and blog....


  1. Aunt B.G.5:39 PM

    This is a catchy tune!

  2. Vee - heya GIRL!! Sounds chilly in your neck of the woods!! BRRRRRR - so just stay inside and keep on scrapping...paper is warm, right???

    This guy is a total cutie - but I can't say that out loud because it would make my teen cringe. Since SHE thinks he is a hottie. Mom needs to not comment :)

    have a great Christmas season - your tree is BE-YOU-TIFUL!!!!!!!!!

  3. I've been seeing these videos all over the disney channel!!

  4. stephanie6:28 PM

    you are too funny. i think he looks better with his hair pulled back. that movie looks like its going to be good. him and the girl kee kee from a keelah and the bee are going to be good in it for sure.


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