brain equals smart...

This is the Saadiq's take on being smart. While at dinner last night at Pizza Hut he was telling me all of his words he learning (skills assestments test). When he was done I praised him and told him how smart he was and he preceded to tell me:
"Mommy I have a brain and that means I am smart, if you don't have a brain you can't be smart." I said yes, you have a smart brain.
I love this little boy!!
Started on my scrapjacked layout this morning. I am feeling it!! Will post laters.


  1. Yes indeed, he's a smart little boy with a smart brain! ;)
    Can't wait to see your scrapjacked LO. I'm thinking of doing it but I barely have time to play these days...
    btw your mini-album is looking really good! I should take one of Shimelle's classes one of these days.
    One last thing...I like your banner.

  2. Aw, sweet SMART kid!!! :)


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