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"The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. "
— Mark Twain

Love this quote and couldn't for a better time for me. Been feeling down this week especially yesterday with some personal things. So if you leave me some comments on how you make yourself cheerful I will have a drawing for some goodies to make you happy! :) You can post until 9pm EST tonight. B did put in better spirits last night with some stories from work. She is so funny, making me smile as I think about it. I also have some photos to upload of my Christmas journal. I made three layouts this week and hopefully will finish it this weekend. I took pictures this morning but didn't have time to upload them.


  1. Hey Vee,

    Sorry you are feeling down. I was feeling that way the other day. Normally when I get this way. I remind myself that life is too short to feel this way and then I gather me kiddies up and go someplace fun. The park, movies, musuem, beach. Doing this reminds me what life is all about.

    I hope you are back you your happy go luck self really soon.



  2. I cheer myself up by:
    * go scrapstuff shopping
    * scrap photo's with happy memories
    * take my camera and go out to the
    woods or beach and take pictures

    I hope you can cheer yourself up a little!!

  3. a pint of vodka does the trick for me JK!! tee hee
    i usually just roll with it, hibernate on the couch, watch a couple chick flicks and treat myself to something unhealthy (that's where the vodka comes in lol!)
    usually i snap out of it by the next day!
    hope you're feeling cherrier already!!

  4. What a great quote - and so true! I need some cheering up, I think I'll work to boost someone else too! Great idea!

  5. Ok - some shopping of course - LOL - lot's of nice new scrapgoodies, a warm fluffy blanket, a nice cup of tea - huge pile of chocolate - the best you can get, maybe some ice cream, DVD - pop in your favorite Chick Flick and here we go.
    Another good one - get out - go into the fresh air - call up a friend meet for a coffee or lunch, chit chat about fun topics, and then go home and do above things.

    If all that doesn't help just imagine me the little Kraut eating sausages and dancing in Lederhosen while trying to think of something that could cheer you up.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. HUGS! Scrapbook shopping usually does the trick! ;)

  7. Make some "YOU" time.
    Take a nice bubble bath.
    Do something you don't get time to do for yourself.
    LOOK for some ideas in a scrapbook.
    Scarplift something totally not your style.
    Fill your cup before filling others.
    You have a great positive attitude and you are 3/4 th of the way there.


  8. Amber Lee1:55 PM

    I agree with the you time. For me: a diet coke, some knitting or other crafty persuit, and something totally girly on the telly!

  9. TessaAnnWatte2:18 PM

    When I need a mood lifter, I crank up the stereo to some funky upbeat music and dance around like an idiot. That makes me feel better!

    Driving down the road on a winter day with the heat full blast and the windows down. That makes me happy too..haha.

    Yup, I'm a weirdo :)
    :)Tessa Ann Watte

  10. Renee3:44 PM

    Sorry you are down. My mantra is "Get thy self to the mall." Better yet, go scrapbook shopping. Always works for me.

  11. The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. "

    This is soo true...that's why giving is so much better than receiving.

  12. Like most of the girls, shopping does always cheer me up! I also like to take bubble baths and pretend the troubles are being washed down the drain. Sounds silly huh! Today isn't my best day either so I think I will let it be what it is and know that tomorrow is another day. Take care my friend, love is being sent to you!

  13. What a great quote! Sorry you've been feeling a bit down, but hope it's on the upswing!

    As for me, I generally have a long hot bath with a good book when I don't feel great. Either that or sometimes get out with a friend for a coffee and a good chat!

  14. Vee, sorry to hear that you are down! But I'm sure those Gray skys are gone clear up, put on a Happy Face!lol
    I do a few things depending on how I feel. Sometimes I will grab a HUGE bowl of chocolate ice cream and make a wonderful hot fudge sundae and then sit and watch some great movie that I love. One that I love to watch is "A walk in the Clouds" with Keanu Reeves. Just love it.
    Sometimes I will make myself a wonderful Godiva hot chocolate and take a much needed wonderful bubble bath and just sit there and relax. Don't think about a thing. Hopefully the blahs will run away.
    Then once in a while I will call a friend and we will get together and have coffee and some kind of wonderful desert!
    But the best is... I will throw on my PJ's and curl up in my nice heated bed and just watch a bunch of funny movies.
    Hope this helps cheer you up.

  15. Sorry to hear you're feeling down. We all have some of those days some more than others. Whenever I'm in a down mood, I just make myself a cup of tea, put on some music and just blog or surf the net. I do this when the kids are in bed and the house is nice and quiet. Makes me recharge.

  16. I loved that quote today!! Things that make me happy are simple things like hanging out with my puppy and my husband!! Can't wait to see your Christmas journal!

  17. Marie7:44 PM

    What a timely topic! After the loss of my brother, I was so sad, I just couldn't get my chin off of the floor so to get "happy" again, I did the following:

    1. Called my prayer group to pray.
    2. Looked to scripture to remind me of the Lord being the "Lifter o my Head" and "The Joy of the Lord being my strength". And other Psalms that encouraged me in the Lord.
    3. I got to be with my 5 month old grandbaby, Anna, who makes the darkest days so sunny and bright!

    Marie Starr

  18. Girl I am going to post and don't you dare send me a thing..lol :-) you know I need to thin out the stash...bahhh...Now to make you fell better I want you to walk around tomorrow picturing everyone in there underwear..really it works :-) I want you to pull your chin up and know you have so many folks behind you that care about you and I just know everything happens for a reason. We never know why at the time but eventually you will know why. I am sending you the world's largest HUG!! and give me a call if you get a chance or need some distraction...I can make you feel better with MIL horror stories..lol :-) Works to cheer others up everytime!

  19. I hope that you feel better soon. Sometimes i like to just have a nice hot bubble bath, other times its a nice cup of hot chocolate, a good book and my favourite blanket.
    Looking forward to seeing your journal.
    Chin up!

  20. Sorry to hear that~hugs~hope you feel better now...my dear...Cheer up and take care:-D

  21. Well shopping of course. Rollerblading! LOL It is just like skating only easier. ;) Lemme know if you do try it. :)
    Other things that cheer me up a long walk. Good tunes. Looking through my scrapbooks. Fresh flowers. And definitely some new make-up! That one always does the trick! HeeHee
    Sad to hear your feeling down. Hope your spirits are lifted today and you are blessed!


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