more hump day confessions

1. It is cold as the dickens outside. I guess January decided it wanted to start feeling like the month it is suppose to be. Saadiq is ready for some snow, I think I am too.

2. I love award "season". Love looking at the fashion, the anticipation of the show, speeches and all of the winners. Love Meryl Streep, she rocked DWP. Must get it on DVD.

3. Loving the MTV Monday lineup! Suprisingly I am liking the show, Dancer's Life.

4.Can't believe in two weeks in will be taking the plunge. IF you would like to make a donation please click the walrus on the sidebar. It will be fun but COLD!! lol...all for an awesome cause.

5. I will finish my Christmas album on Friday, if it is the last thing I do. LOL I think I have 20 pages left to do. Plus I have some that I need to share.

6. I will be creating another album with Shimelle. I love her prompts and this one is so cool. This one promises to be quick. Can't wait to start on it.

7. I think I love Karoke... Did it for the first time at a conference on Monday. Or was it because I had a few drinks? LOL, nonetheless I enjoyed doing a song. LOL

8. Addicted to mini Kolos thanks to Kristina Contes.
These little albums are the coolest ever. I went to Paper Source, love that store and a whole 'nother post. I snapped up two but will get somemore really soon. Most def. having buyer's remorse that I didn't get more. I see lots of my peeps getting one of the cuties in the future. So get ready B!! They fit perfectly in your purse. Lots of cool ultra miniBooks in my future, for sure! Be hold the Kolo take over!!


  1. lovin your confessions ;)

    I love watching the award shoes too and the pre-shows when you get to see all the gorgeous dresses ext.

    have you been watching 'I love New York' on MTV? the first episode was so hiliarious with the guy crying about his dog

  2. I'm a mini album freak! But then I guess you know that Vee! :) I want to see your kolos! Oh, btw, since you are in MD, there is a good chance I might get to be on channel 13 for scrapbooking! I'll keep you posted! :D

  3. Renee1:48 PM

    I love kolo albums too. I actually saw some really cute kolo-like albums at the dollar store this week. I am thinking now that I should have picked them up.

  4. Great confessions! Good luck when you take "THE PLUNGE"!! {Brrrr...}

  5. The Plunge! There is no amount of money that ANYONE could offer me to take "The Plunge". I'm from Arizona and it's been cold here, relatively speaking --- I am sooo ready for summer.


  7. Dude...waht are Kolo albums??? I'm such a dork I know. and your banner is precious!!!!!!!!!!
    And holy Moly...THE CHRISTMAS ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta go bye!

  8. I can't believe you are taking the plunge either! You've got guts girl but it is for a great cause! It has been sooo cold here, -11 the other morning so I feel for you! I hear you about the Christmas album! One day....


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