is it friday yet confessions

I had a terrible reaction (possible food poisoning) from a lunch meeting on Monday!!Nothing like communting home for an hour with a less than settled stomach and aching body. MWAAAHHH :)

Busy busy busy at work, it is it time for my vacation yet? no, 67 more days :)

America's Next Top Model starts tonight, which is the highlight of my hump day! :)

I thought I had loss power last night only to find out that my breaker had flipped. That is the good thing, the bad the electric co. guy sad that the box maybe going bad. AAAHHH...sure hope not.

Cool thing for this morning is that I finished up my third layout for my guest dt. Can't say how much I love this kit, only have one more item to do. The gallery will be live on March 5th and I will also have a layout posted here too. :)

I am looking forward to seeing my mom this weekend. I will pack up the brady bunch on Friday and we will head down the road.

I am amazed at the human spirit. I was totally moved at the Bob Woodruff. Totally inspirational and amazing.

happy hump day, i'm out!


  1. Possible food poisoning - YUCK! I hope you're feeling better :)
    Congrats on being a guest DT! That's awesome, and so is their kit - lucky girl!!
    Who did your banner? It is awesome!
    I hope you have a great week!

  2. Sorry about your stomach. That sucks. Have fun at your moms this weekend. I might be going to the beach myself. Can't wait to see those LO's. ((hugs)) Shawna

  3. Sorry to hear that you were sick. Have fun with your mom. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your kit.

  4. Oh that stinks!! Hope you didn't have that norovirus that is running crazy down this way :-(
    Ok you have had a rough week and it is only Wed!! EECCKKK!!! Watching Americas next top model right now myself:-)

  5. andrea11:17 PM

    so sorry you are feeling sick! that rocks though about your DT! I clicked on the link and have never seen thier kits before and they are cool. I cant wait to see your stuff when it's up!

  6. ohhh I hate food poisoning I seem to get it at least once a feels horrible.

    Where did you eat at?


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