la heart skips a beat

Grey's Anatomy was beyond words for me especially when Derek came out of the water with Meredith. Totally made me cry, as hard as I tried I couldn't find a picture of that scene. I am so scrapping that when I do!! I could watch that scene forever and think I will tonight when I get my scrap on. :) But Alex wasn't bad last night either. He gets more of my heart with every episode
this season. I so didn't like him in the beginning but I do now. Can't wait to see what happen's
next week even it is still something devestating. I am thinking Meredith is going to be in a coma, how about you?
have a great weekend!!


  1. Alex is my MAIN MAN too! I haven't been able to watch Grey's this season since they switched to Thur., I work on Thursday night. Bummer! so I'll have to wait for the boxed set! :D

  2. I'm right there with you, that was my favorite scene too. 2nd was when McDreamy was sitting outside the room and McSteamy went to console him, breathtaking!
    I'm thinking come too!

  3. I hear you girl. I had to hold back tear on a couple of occassions when watching that episode. Can't wait to see what happens this week.


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