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Some other bloggers did this a month ago. I took some quick snaps of things in my home that i love this am in prep for my class with ali tomorrow. We will be doing an album about our home. So here is a peek of some of the things that make me happy in my casa!

I am a total MAC girl, love their eyeshadows,nail polish and lipstick. This drawer to my make-up box totally makes me happy.
Love to drop my jewelry into my star dish. Got this at a steal for $1.50 at the Crate and Barrell Outlet the other day. Love being to have easy access to some of my favorite jewelry. I also love my scents and mixing them with my lotion from Bath and Body Works. Armani Mania and Oscar smell so yummy.
Love my Chanels and have to keep the up high to keep the safe from little finger. :) This pair was given to me by my sis. Love designer shades. I have two pair of Chanels and have my eye on a cool pair by Oliver Peoples.
Love my paper rack that Tisha gave me. Now I have very easy access to all my favorite papers. This is a total favorite spot in my scrapbooking area. I started my picture wall in the living room and can't wait to add more pictures. I love to mix and match colors but keep the frames the same brand. IKEA has awesome frames.
Totally love adding pictures to the fridge. I have all of kinds of pictures from family and friends. I love looking at these pictures to see the changes in Saadiq and Synai. Also love collecting cool magnets. See my cute little robot!!
Reisenthel hampers are the bomb. I love the company philosophy and they are sute and it doesn't hurt that they are green. Thanks to Amber love for all things cool, I was able to find these at a steal online at QVC. One hamper is for whites and the other for colors. Hopefully this will keep me on task with keeping up with my laundry.

Love being able to see my favorite shoes in my closet. I love sandals and heels so these are easy for me to see when I am ready to wear them. Can't wait for spring to get back to pedicures and cute feet. :)have a great weekend!


  1. Love the list. Isn't it wonderful to be able to see your shoes? Just had my closets done and I can truly appreciate that.

  2. See now this is what I love about the human we are all so different...I bought tons and tons of frames to make a picture wall as well...but I love all different style, shapes and colors all on one wall...and this is usually NOT me..I'm very boring when it comes to colors in my home usually!!!

  3. Love it :) I love seeing parts of people's lives! :)

  4. Ok...I am going to admit it right hear and now...I am so jealous!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE M.A.C makeup! And a sista has been DREAMING of paper storage like that for a long time now! I tell ya...if I did have that paper rack then it would be my favorite spot too for sure!!!!!

    And I peeped the ART below! STUNNING!!!!!

    Later honey

  5. Wonderful home!!I love the paper rack!!TFS:-D

  6. Hey enjoy your class! And I am a MAC girl too! Nothing makes my face and eyes shine like MAC. Very cool!

  7. Ok I am loving how you used the photos I took!! They look AMAZING!!! and so glad you found a home for the paper racks:-)

  8. love me some mac!!!! did you see the new barbie line. and i put my silver in a heart!

  9. is that bin with the mac in it ikea? email me.


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