Monday already

My weekend seemed to be pass me by in a blur! It just felt like I was at work, well here is to Monday. :) I should have another sneak at a layout that I hope to finish tonight. Of course inspiration struck this morning before I left for work and now I have to wait to finish my layout. uuughh...hate that!! I am hopefully that I can work on it while looking at my shows tonight. I must admit I am looking forward to looking at I Love New York tonight. Can't wait to see what mess Tango is talking about tonight. Are B and I the only one who dislikes this guy on the show?!
OK, the Oscars...must admit I blacked out for a few on the show. But I am totally happy with who won. Go Jennifer Hudson and Forest Whitaker. I love FW, long over due for him. I was totally cracking up at Clint Eastwood's interpretation of what Ennio Morricone was saying in his speech.

I love his swagger. I thought Ellen did a great job, love her humor. I didn't love her last suit, looked unfinshed to me. Best dressed of the night to me were:

Penelope Cruise

Gwyneth Paltrow

Nicole Kidman

Emily Blunt


  1. Ooh, Gwinneth is so gorgeous isn't she?! My other fav's were Helen Mirren and Cate Blanchett

  2. I MISSED the Oscars!!! But I am lovign seeing all the pics and reading the reviews!

  3. I didn't watch the FW movie but I love him as an actor, since his early days and I was glad to see him win. Best dressed for me was Gwyneth.

  4. I loved Penelope Cruise's dress just gorgeous. And I agree is was a long time coming for FW.

  5. Hi Vee!
    You don't know me but I have seen your name on some of my friends blog comments. And I saw that you posted on my daughters blog today -Amber!
    I have been meaning to comment on your blog because your name jumped out at me.
    My mother's name was also Vee!
    Just a little connection there because it's not real common.
    Your work is wonderful and your children are so precious!
    Have a great Tuesday!

  6. I loved Ellen. She was too funny! I loved when she brought out the cell phone camera!

  7. I, too, missed the Oscars, but I loved your take on it! I'm so glad that Forrest Whitaker got an Oscar. Was that his first? That's insane. He is SO GOOD. (Have you seen him in The Shield? Ooo, man, awesome! But, that goes for everything he does -- I've never seen him miss.)

  8. Gwyneth is always my favorite. I just love her hair, and the peachy color looked really good on her.


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