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I made this for my girl Wendy from 2peas. We swapped pictures a few months back and I finally got a chance to make her layout yesterday. I liked how it turned out and she and her daughter loved it. :) Got this from some blog surfing last week and thought it was cool so here are my answers ;) I think it is from the amex print ads in a magazine. I always love to read the answers by the celebrity.

my name is Veronica Chana Jennings.
childhood ambition to be a nurse.
fondest memory spendind the summer with my grandma Eva Mae in South Carolina. good eats and time all way around!
retreat = itunes and magazine stash
wildest dream to be a professional scrapbooker and travel the world
biggest challenge is patience and belief in myself.
alarm clock is internal and comes in two pint size peeps called Saadiq and Synai.
perfect day involves blue skies, sun and a breeze.
first job working in my college cafeteria at GMU. Can you say YUCK!!
indulgence scrapbooking.
last purchase stamp from Poppy Ink
favorite movie The Notebook or A Walk to Remember
inspiration colors, cool websites, packaging, greeting cards, magazines, and music
my life is blessed.
my card is Suntrust Visa Checkcard


  1. Another beautiful layout!

  2. Love your layout. It's absolutely beautiful. Is that a stamp or a rub on?

  3. Loving the layout!!! Creat colors!!! love the lil question thing... might have to do that sometime!! xoxo.

  4. That big flourish is awesome! You whole layout is just gorgeous (just like all of them!) I really love how you did the palm tree on the last one, too.

  5. That is so beautiful!!

  6. The layout is beautiful and such a cool idea. Love the little AMEX ad, so cool to learn about you. I too find myself reading all the celebs. So did you become a nurse?

  7. Awesome LO. The colors really match the mood of the photo.

  8. I always read the answers by celebs as well...I love Ellens answers!!


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