no heat, snow and scrappin

My weekend has been less than stellar but I am still in high hopes that the fashion at the Ocars will not disappoint.
Woke up to no heat yesterday
NICE and the price was even better to get a new heat pump ($6600)
and no fixie until Monday
So needless to say have a new appreciation for space heaters. We also have about four inches of snow when we were suppose to only have an inch.
never the less I have had a great Sunday with some scrappage. :)
Here are some peaks at the March layouts for Your Story Monthly Kits.


  1. Oh no Vee. I'm so sorry you guys lost your heat, especially with today's weather. Hope you guys stay warm. If I lived closer I'd bring you some floor heaters.

  2. Oh man........... SIX THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED bucks to fix? HOLY SMACK! *shock*
    Wow.. I hope you're warm again.... what a horrible misfortune!!!
    Hang in there!

  3. To wake up to no heat totally sucks!!!


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