for sure confessions

These things I am for sure of today:
loving the spring weather and happy that is will be beautiful all week. Wonderful way to start the season and week!!
So excited that Kristina Contes is will be teaching a class at Scrap-Masters in April. Love this girl's style and can't wait to meet her IRL.

Can't wait to see Prison Break tonight. Only two more episodes after tonight. EEEKKK!!
I am in a great mood today, maybe it is the weather, but totally loving it :)

Who is looking at the show Paradise City on E? Love that show and seeing the "inside" scene of Vegas. Thanks B for getting me hook. No help for me and reality tv with us girls. LOL

Did some cleaning and laundry yesterday, never ending cylce but happy to have a clean house. :)

Totally happy with my travel log for my vacation in May. I am going to finish the "guts" tonight and post tomorrow. The pages are a mix of paper, tags, envelopes and playing cards. I am going to write in it every day. Can't wait to be on deck and on the beach with this little baby. :) I think I am going to dab it up some more on the outside with some ink and journaling. Love the dirty look. :)
So into ribbon again. I used it again on this mini and think I will start using it again because lord knows I have alot. :)

have a happy day!!


  1. Your travel log looks great! What a good idea...I'll have to keep that kind of thing in mind for my California trip this year, especially since I take forever to scrap my trips.

  2. Awesome idea and it looks great!!;-D

  3. You will LOEV her class, whatever she teaches!! I adored her this past weekend!!

  4. Vee, I love that page! And that flower frame...too cute. I have a couple ofthose myself, I love 'em!

    You ARE coming to Scrap-Masters right? I can't wait, you AND Kristina! OH happy day!

  5. Isn't today awesome! Omgosh I am totally feeling so bright and cheery today too. HaHa Go check out my blog. Too funny.
    I love that you will eb jotting down while on vaca. Groovy. Can't wait to see the whole deal. Love it.

  6. Very cool travel log! I can't wait to see the guts. So awesome you get to meet Kristina Contes. I bet it will be awesome!

  7. wowee! i love that!! i wish i'd done one to write everyday in while i was gone!

  8. Krisitina's class are fun. She comes around to everyone and tries to ensure a good experience. You'll like it.

    Prisonbeak is great. They signed for a 3rd season...YAy! Although I hear that one of the 2 main ones could die and that they might end up in a Panama prison....


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