Martha Stewart at Punks

This is the most excitement my home town of Nathalie,VA( population 5,519) has ever seen! Martha Stewart was 2 miles from my house!! Can you believe that?! She stopped at a country store that we call Punk's on her way back from Bridge Boxwood Incorporated, a 200 acre tree farm in Halifax County. My mom gets the owner and butcher Punk Stanley to cut her meets often. He is the best butcher in our area with awesome country hams. This couldn't have happen to a sweeter person. My mom was so excited about this when she was telling my sister yesterday. This is the link with some video footage with her visit.
have a great friday!!


  1. girl, how fun is that?!?! i will look at the link when I get home. It will come it much better there. Have a great Friday girl!! xoxo

  2. That is just too much!!!

  3. Vee, it's so cool when a small town person get the recognition they deserve!

  4. Cynthia6:55 PM

    Hey Vee, I got my RAK sweet ole package today!! OMG!!! what fab stuff you sent!! oh my!! i was just in hog heaven as we say in "Texas" Thank you sooooo much!! i don't have any of it!! oh my what am I going to do with my little goodies! and the book oh my what inspiration!!! Thank you again so much!! my heart appreciates it very much!!!

  5. I've talked to her on the phone but to see her in person or to be that close I would flip out!! Awesome story!

  6. oooooooh
    do love me some martha


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