ok, my bad

I totally forgot about the RAK I posted last week. GASSSP!! Cynthia your post number was picked by my handy number generator. :) E-mail me your address and I will send you some goodies. :) OK, I am going to play some more with my travel journal today. I need to just play so I can get the juices flowing again but then again I feel like making a layout too. OK, I think I will do both. :)
Big shout out to my girl Amber for her new dt as a booya girl. She rocks and I can't wait to see what she creates. :) Amber is also the gst at Your Story Kits for April. Who watched Prison Break last night,?...total madness I tell you!! I really thought Micheal had killed T-bag but at last, no. So glad Kellerman came to Sara's rescue, even though she is guilty (twelve years man, don't think I could do that either). I hope the season finale is not a let down, a little tired of the brothers always digging their way out of one ditch after another. The sneak for next week seems promising.


  1. Vee, good luck with your scrapbooking today. I wish I had the time to get down to my room and do anything lately!

  2. so sweet for your RAK and the great shout out to MUH!! thanks girlie!! get to scrapping!! xoxo

  3. Cynthia11:43 PM

    woohoo!! I thank you soooo much for selecting me!! Yeah for me!! I just love your work! how inspiring it is! Can not wait to see your layout and the touch ups to the travel journal. my email address is crhenson01@yahoo.com


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