POTD for the dare challenge. I am so tired, worked 13 hours yesterday and I am so dragging today. Will this be my happy mojo in a bottle today? As you can see I am trying to get my scrap on but can't seem to really complete anything. Maybe a nap will help. I need to get cracking-got some goodies in the mail yesterday from Kristen with Zingboom. I love mixing the old items with the new and I still need to design my march layouts for Jut Let Me Scrapbook. oy!!
I did do last weeks dare but haven't "officially" photographed it but you can see a peak of it behind the Pepsi bottle. Can you believe I am almost done with my dacqueri thickers? double oy!!
ok off for a wuick nap, hopefully that will bbost my mojo!
have a great weekend!


  1. Woo... for scrap time! See the "escape" stamp right there that I just used!! and the brackets!! How fun! xoxo

  2. Sending some mojo your way! I'm a Coke girl myself, but i hear ya on the mojo in the bottle, lol!

  3. Have fun creating with all of your goodies. Sending mojo your way. Trying to finish my word of the year and a lo of me and DH. Good luck on getting all of your project done on time. Peace

  4. Heyyyyy!!
    yeah I lose my scrappin' mojo a lot these days! I wonder if it's the Winter blues kickin' in?! I need a peek at Spring, then I'll get in the groove again!
    I am enjoying all the work you've been posting! That will get me inspired for sure!!
    ~Have a fabulous weekend!XO~

  5. my that yummy big bottle of pepsi bring you mojo.
    i see that layout hiding back there and i likey.
    may your weekend be filled with rest and creative fun.


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