This is Saadiq and Synai in the parking lot before the movies this morning. They couldn't wait to go to this morning. I didn't know they showed movies so earlier on Sundays (10:30 am). It was totally cool because it was nice and quiet. my take on this film is 3 out of five stars, this being:
*Love the animation but being from the old school I loved the "original ones" a little better
*The animation is better, especially the mouths.
*Story line was easy to follow even if you no nothing of about TMNT.
*These turtles are not as funny. I miss the original jokes and dialouge between the brothers in the original movie.
*Master Splinter most def. got an upgrade. He was plain nasty in the original movie and now he is nice and clean.
*So if you son is like my son and loves any action type movie or tv show he will love this movie.
On a scale from 1-5 Saadiq gave it a 6, yeah. LOL

I finished two layouts today. The second one is for the Sunday Challenge at Tally Scrapper. This site is so cute and fun!! It is totally addicting. When you leave praise, post messages, upload layouts to the gallery and buy from the store you receive tally points. You can use these points to give to other tally scrappers. Each day these points are counted. People with the most points can win different contests. So check it out if you can. ;)

The challenge was to use office supplies. So fun. I love MAC make-up so when I got this flyer in February I knew I had to scrap it. I am glad I saved it.

WHEW...super long post and if you have read this long God Bless you. :) Well this was my day with a trip to the park and Maggie Moo's for good measure.
have a great night!


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great day at the movies. My boys haven't mentioned wanting to see the movie yet.
    And I love your layouts. What fun challenges.

  2. I love your little cutie pies all pumped for the movie... and those pink sunglasses are so cute on her!

    I'm in LOVE with your MAC layout, too! I saved the same flyer for future use... thanks for the inspo!

  3. oh my TNMT - gotta see it {I have an 8 year old} and that Barbie layout. AWESOME!!!!


  4. Gotta take my son to see it. He keeps asking about it lol

  5. those kiddos are histerical! the layouts are always... and maggie moo's... what a better way to end a trip to the park!! xoxo

  6. Oh I can't wait to take Timmy today to see TMNT!!!

    Your MAC layout ROCKS hard core! I LOVE it sooo much! Freaking rad chica!

  7. Oooohhh.. really really like the MAC layout!

  8. both layouts are beautiful.


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