super busy at work today.
We have a fundrasing event tomorrow and I am in charge of the auction that is held at the event.
Today is snowing so everyone is in a frenzy.
I saw 7 accidents on the trek to work this morning.
Just wanted to take a moment to say hi!! :)
I am also crazy busy at home doing assignements.
I hope to have them finished on Friday.

I made a 6x11 layout this morning!
love working with funky lengths.
I will post laters
I was POTD yesterday at two peas, thought it was pretty cool
thank you for all of the beautiful comments about my layouts for Your Story Kits. :)
have a fab Wednesday


  1. be careful out there, congrats on your POTD!! and thanks for the fun challenge!! and I can't wait to see what you do with a 6x11 layout!! Staci

  2. Aw, man, I totally missed your POTD! Congrats!

    Your albums you made with that kit are gorgeous!

  3. I missed the POTD on 2peas! I'm gonna go check it out.

  4. big congrats on the Potd.
    your work is so fun!!


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