cardmarker just a little bit

Made some cards this morning. That is how I played this morning. :) I have some new pages in my play album as well. I will post those laters. What do you have planned for the weekend? I kinda want to see Blades of Glory. WF cracks me up. Love the line in the movie where he is asked if he took steriods and he replies, "1/2 cup".....LMBO. the man is a genious, who take a half cup of steriods. Whatever i get into will be really chill. Well off to work, thank goodness it is Friday. Love short work weeks.
have a fab friday!!
eta: sorry for the blurry pictures, had the shaky hand syndrome this am along with bad natural light. LOL
totally stoked about doing a cj with
Lu and some other fab chicas.


  1. those cards are F A B !

  2. girl those are presh... xoxo new stuff on blog! xoox

  3. Awesome cards! Love the robot stamp! Can't wait to work on the CJ with you!!

  4. Awesome work as always!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. love that robot and the cards in general are adorbs!

    you should totally go see blades of glory. i'm not like super in to stupid funny and i loved it. it was like dodgeball, anchorman funny!

  6. love how you say...*some cards*...they aren't just some cards! those are gorgeous!!! great job!

    and on our last date, we saw blades of glory, cuz wf totally makes us laugh and it was the funniest movie we had seen in awhile. course, we get out maybe once a month ... so take my advice with a grain of salt and then some LOL

    happy saturday!

  7. Fantastic Cards.


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