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Have you seen this show-Tori and Dean Inn Love?!!
Totally adorable and you know it is a plus for me since it is reality. muwaaahhhh!!
Tori is so adorable, totally makes me laugh.
Basic run down of the show is Tori and her husband have to find a way to make money since they are "broke". They sell all of their belongings in hopes of buying a B&B (which I am thinking Tori is going to be great at) outside of LA. The show follows the entire process for the search of the B&B, renovations, birth of their baby, etc....

She cracks me up, could so hang out with her.
It comes on Oxygen on Tuesdays at 10:30pm.
check it!! :)
Having serious scrapping withdrawals, didn't take anything with me to SC.
Need to scrap, must scrap now.... LOL
I am so want to take on the challenge that Penny posted at the SOML boards.
I think I am going to tackle it tonight, have some ideas at work of what I want to do.
Had a really relaxing and great Easter. Love being arounf my family in SC. They are so funny and it just great to be around them. Thanks for all of the great comments, sure know how to make a girl feel good. :)


  1. I cant take on any more shows..I am so into reality TV its not funny. plus Im still waiting for a new Grey's ;)

    And I know how you feel, I have no time to scrap lately and really having withdrawls

  2. haha how fun! haven't seen it but really... they couldn't be "broke" so how is it reality tv?!?! haha i gotta gotta scrap tonight... HAVE TOo... gonna start foaming at the mouth if i don't!!!

  3. Tori and Dean are hilarious! I actually started watching that show, because Fallbrook, where their B&B is, is only about 30 min from my hometown!

  4. Enjoy your time in SC!

  5. i watched this show for the first time the other day and they are so cute!

    hope you had a great time in SC


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