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Ronda tagged me!! She also made the stella banner that everyone is giving compliments on. Thanks girl, wish I had those photoshop skills!! OKAY, on with the tag- Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to blog about their seven things and post the rules as well . At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!OK, here goes...

1. I was born premature. Only weighed 2lbs 10oz at birth. I have pretty bad eyes do to the amount oxygen that was given to me the first months of life. Not complaining because I am so glad I made it thru, when so many premies don't. Won't dare say how much I weigh, lol.

2. OKAY, don't laugh but I applied to George Mason University based on their marketing materials that highlighted the Patriot Center events whiched showcased Prince. LMBO!! I want to go there so badly in hopes that he would come back to VA again. I was accepted and he hever came back to the area while was at Mason. :( That was a major draw for me, Purple Rain Purple my mom's brothers and sisters live here so I could see them when I couldn't make it home (which is four hours away).

3. I have great grandparents and aunts that lived to be in their 100's on my father side. My grandmother will be 90 next month. Hope some of the juice was passed on to me. :)

4. I fractured my arm in the 4th grade while riding my next door neighbor's bike. The bike didn't have any brakes (I didn't know it) and I ran into the house across the street. Ouch!!

5. I love silver and white gold jewelry. In the 80's I only wore gold and you know the big earrings and a ring on every finger. I know tragic...havent wore gold in 10 years!! LOL Now I don't wear it at all and have all this other jewelry collecting dust.

6. I am really easy going and laid back. Some say too nice, but people seem calm around me and tend to tell me (and my sister) things that we would never say to strangers. We have gotten into conversations with people that we don't even now and they tell us their life story. I think it may be our accents and voices. don't know but it cool. We both have small voices. I still get carded for wine when I go to the store because they think I am younger, I am like dude I am 30 (with a smile).

7. I have several nicknames, Vee (started in college), Ronnie, Ronnie cakes. LOL...forgot who have me the last one.

OK...I tag Mara-May* , Amber, Nat, Amy, Robyn, Breanne, and Michelle

haven't posted my play lo's in a while. Love paper source to def. Had fun cutting up their latest magazine. :) I need to get back to this album, haven't done anything creative in it for a minute. that's it, have a great day chickas!!



  1. girl... this is the shiz for real!!! Love the book. That cardboard... rad...
    I have been tagged by like 7 ppl already!! ahah Ill get to it tomorrow!! Xoxo

  2. Really like that book. Love your random fact as well. To funny about the bike with no brakes. That happened to me too.

  3. It's nice to read your weird things LOL.. We are all weird I think ;)

    I feel a bit better, thanx sweetie ;)

  4. Some of these are really're too cute :)

  5. Vee... loved reading the tid bits.. people are tag crazy these days :) I was a premie too. And I have a stack of mags, PS, Anthro, etcetc that need to be cut up! Thanks for the inspo :) Totally making one of those soon :)

  6. Cracks me up about Prince!! HA!! I totally have Diamonds and Pearls on every playlist in my Ipod.

    Love what you did with the Paper Source Cat, too... I saved mine, too! I always make stuff with catalogs. WOOT.

  7. Loved reading these!

  8. Love your list!! This tag has really been traveling around the Web; I did it yesterday after being tagged by someone else!
    That is wild that you were that premature and tiny at birth! Sounds like you were a bit of a miracle! are a Veronica? Love the nickname Vee.

  9. Your mini is totally cool just like everything else you create! Loved reading facts about you.

  10. those bits of Vee are great!
    and that book super!!
    the KC!
    i'll have to get a thinkin of some randoms about me!
    thanks girl.

  11. Oh my gosh! You are so funny! I love your #2.
    I'm going to do mine today.

  12. Aunt B.G.11:59 AM

    I absolutely love your work Vee. Then again I am partial but anyways, I love it. I also like your new banner as well. The green is vibrant and. I will talk to you soon. Toodles!

  13. Hi Vee :)
    What a great mini book :) you did an aweSome job it!!! After seeing...I'm thinking about doing one for myself.
    By the Way.....Nice BanneR!!! :)

  14. I adore your mini albums-they are so cool!

    loved reading your tid bits-I was tagged with this too, just haven't gotten to it yet ;)

  15. Your books rocks girl! Love it!

  16. Love your art! Thanks for stopping by Unpubbed! Kim

  17. That mini album is so awesome! Love it! You are so welcomed for the banner. I just stole some of your essence to create it! Love, all the fun facts about you. My grandpa (and he was the only one who could get away with it) called me Ronnie!

  18. Your new banner is lovely and the picture of you is stunning!

  19. Aunt B.G.5:37 PM

    Wow Vee. Look at all of the comments left on your blog! Hope it makes your day:)

  20. Love your banner, your mini-album...
    I was taged myself to today (by emine), I was looking for somebody to tag... but you're "hit" already...
    Oh, Prince...almost froze my toes once in a line for tickets. When the concert started, it rained... after 2 songs HRH was gone...:-(
    Love his music, did a LO with his lyrics the other day.

  21. very cool mini book goin on that corrugated cardboard?? very cool very cool

    love the gm/prince story LOL

    happy wednesday!

  22. that album is divine...LOVE it!!!

    & i LOVE prince too.
    when he did purple rain during halftime @ the super bowl... i was totally screaming my head off!

  23. LOVE love LOVE the mini book!! You have gorg handwriting :) And loving the new hot thang you :)

  24. Awesome book Vee! I love that you scrap things that you find in magazines- total inspiration!

  25. Dude! I need to get on this. And yeah, let's definitely do dinner sometime. I'll email you tonight and we can discuss this brilliant idea some more!

  26. Really love your little album! I need to play with art a bit more... maybe I could start doing something like that.. :D Thanks for all the inspiration!


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