countdown most def

Awesome weekend, B treated me to Carraba's on Saturday. It is so delish! This weather is so crazy. Totally doesn't feel like spring. I am so ready for the beach.
We have twenty days until vacation. So looking forward to it :) Cannot wait to lay out and soak up the rays with a nice drink in my hand. :) Got my scrap on this weekend....yay Two layouts and a minibook. I am not done with the mini so I will post pics laters on that. It is so small, so love the ultra minis. Have a great Monday!

this is my mini...
can you guess what it is about?!


  1. lucky u going on vacation.. where to? have fun, i'll be definitely wishing i cud fit in your suitcase! hugs

  2. Gosh VEE the mojo must have been flying in Maryland! I got a lot done too! I love that mini too can't wait to see more. That Hambly on the front is ROCKIN' MY GOODNESSGRACIOUS just a few more days till SATURDAY!!!!

  3. I can just tell I'm going to be a geeky spazzy excited mess!

  4. A vacation in a warm sunny place with beverages!
    Sounds delightful:)
    What is Spinkles?
    A store with just cupcakes?
    If so, it had better never come to Nashville or I am in trouble!

  5. love the scrappiness!!
    is that mini about your love for the Redskins?
    i can't wait for football season!
    please show the guts of that delish mini.

  6. And so the count down begins. Love the mini. Great job

  7. Love your layouts and the mini album Vee! Can I come on vacation with you?? :D

  8. just sending you some love my vinegar loving friend <3 love your pages, uber talent ;)
    rhirhi x

  9. E...A....G....L....E...S....EAGLES!!!!


    but i still love the is mini & does sport some hambly afterall :)

    & i'm so jealous that you are going somewhere tropical w/ drinks & sun & fun...can you pack me in your suitcase???

  10. NICE!!! i'll say you got your scrap on! me too for mojo returned LOL

    where are you going on vaca? i wanna go!

    happy monday!

  11. Love those layouts and album to bits!! Can you squeeze me in your pocket??? I wanna go kekeke LOL

  12. Oh, I really want to see the mini when you're done! My hubby and I are huge fans of the Redskins (hopefully that's who you are talking!). Please, please show us!!


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