it's going to get betta

Do you listen to regina Spektor? I am listening to her song Fidelity. Love that verse in the song. LOL
What is your favorite song right now? I should be packing but i just finished putting five loads of clothes away, so I think I deserve a little break. :)
*it is still cold, currently 40 degrees
*killed another spider this morning in my bedroom.
totally freaked me out but then got it together enough to go downstairs to get the broom to come back up to get rid of it
this one was huge spider and with white spots on it.
* didn't make the SISTV design team, little bummed but quickly got over it.
Looking at it has a chance for a new opportunity but if I don't, it is still gravy
*super congrats to my girl Michelle she made the dt.YAY!!! She totally rocks and so excited for her!~hi m!!
*have lots of photos to share!! i finished the album of Synai of her third album. little album but I love it.
*some pages also from my PLAY album
*loving circles lately

Have a wonderful and safe Easter!!


  1. hey vee!!!!!!

    i just found your blog through rhonda's.....

    & your play album is so AMAZING!!!!!! you are seriously a genius w/ that hambly....a genius! hopefully i'll get my hambly package today that was spurred on by the enabler thread last week. lol!!

    have a happy easter! & remember...cocoa daisy is having a dt call in april!!!

  2. right now I am loving ALL things Joss Stone. My FAVORITE song is A right to be wrong. LOVE IT!

  3. How awesome are your layouts. You keep plugging away & THEY will find you. You are so very talented! My current favorites right now are "Into the Ocean" by Blue October & Justin Timberlake's "What goes around." I hope you have an awesome trip...please send some warm weather this way..brrr it's cold!

  4. i didn't make it either...but i want you to know that i for one think you are amazing. don't give up. =)

  5. Loving you work with the Hambly! So gorgous :) I have to actually take pics of a mini book i did and post them but I always get that glare from the flash on the transparency. Just waiting for a "nice" day with sun....what is up with this weather, right! It snowed here today...UGH!!

  6. *blush*
    you are to darn sweet VEE.
    thanks for the huge congrats.
    i know something great is coming your way are amazing!!!
    that album too= super sweet.
    happy easter weekend!

  7. love love love love love all the new stuff!!!

  8. I love your work! I've been lurking on your blog for a while and you're such an inspiration!

    Happy Easter!

  9. Love that album!! And rocking photos girl ;-) You do them great justice!! I miss you terribly!

  10. As always you


  11. love the lo using the heidi swapp oversized playing card! did you make a whole mini album with them or the one lo? just curious.

    you're stuff is so adorable!

  12. AMAZING stuff!!! I also love circles right now. One of my favo-rite things!!!
    Love that RS song too. Almost put it on my blog yesterday! lol
    Right now my fave songs are "Beauty of Grace" by Krystal Meyers and "Sweet Escape" by Gwen S.


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