thursday thursday

Happy Thursday!!
Guess what we got in the mail yesterday?
Yes, our passports!!
However my mom hasn't gotten hers yet, my sister has been working deligently to make sure hers comes in time.
You are awesome B...
Did you know you can call your representative and have them quicken the process?
I am thinking it will be shipped my tomorrow.
Plus it will be if you care say a little prayer that hers arrives before our trip
I would greatly appreciated.

Another layout for gallery. Love Hambly as you know!! My dd first time trying cotton candy at the fair last year.

Played in my album this morning. It felt really good and I love the new 7 gypsies gaffer creme tape!! Having fun ripping, inking and tearing as well.

The poppy ink kit rocked this month!! Love the stem stamp so much. I used it on two things, so addicting. I am working on a secret layout. Deets will be coming soon :)
**picutures on the left above taken by Tisha McCuiston Photography


  1. yummy. and yay for passports!

  2. Aunt B.G.8:33 AM

    Vee, I love your layouts. That is one of my favorite pics of Nai. She was much younger then. She's really growing fast too. Hopefully, Mommy's passport will be sent out today. I called this morning and supposedly it has been signed and hopefully should be sent out today. I hope she gets in time. Okay, enough of my rambling. I hope you have a blessed day and I will talk to you soon. Toodles!

  3. Love your work!! Awesome as always!! Hope everything will goes smoothly for your trip:-D

  4. Renee9:40 AM

    Great layouts.

  5. girl, how *sweet* haha Love love that layout and the book is just awesome! rawkin it out!! xoxo

  6. love that disco hambly! i just bought some of the record paper. hopefully it will be sitting on my porch when i get home! yours is so cute!

  7. leslie1:59 PM

    love this layout!! hope your mom gets her passport!

  8. Love Love LOVE your work!
    And you rocked that Hambly.

    A vacation, eh?
    I'm so jealous!

  9. Love your's so you and so awesome!

  10. Gorgeous layout an mini-album vee ;)

    I can't wait to see your secret project


  11. Very cool layout Vee! Love what you did with the Hambly!! Btw... Love your new banner!

  12. I'd tell you I love your stuff, but then, someone may call me a kiss a*s.

    What is wrong w/ these people!? For real!

  13. i'll say it is a happy thursday!!! where exactly do you find the time to be so on top of it??

    it is almost 1am and i'm finally finished kitting for a class this i can get my own scrap on tom!

    cheers&blessings, and thanks for being an inspiration!!!


  14. Hi there, just found your blog off Elsie's, love your layouts. So cute and inspiring!

  15. definatly hope the passports get in on time.
    and the layouts...LOVE.
    that mini is so cool.

  16. Love that tape and that stamp! So cool! And as usual awesome pages!!! :)
    Sooo..... Did you get the passport? LOL Hope so!

  17. So glad your passport arrived!
    Love your stuff as usual.

  18. gorgeous minibook!
    thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  19. So glad you got your passports. I will be praying for your mom's. Love that little book of your and Love those pics that Trisha took. I wish I could get some done by her.


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