what veronica needs

According to google
-Nesting ground-not sure if I really need a nesting ground but I think the birds at my house would appreciate so bird food in their feeders. I think they are revolting since my deck is full of poo. Never a problem before when their bellies were full.

-needs a little help getting up on top of the rock- lol don't do rock climbling.
-needs to stop being such biatch at times- I think this is mostly related to Veronica Mars but I can be a little biatch at times. Some time life just calls for it. muwaaahhh
-veronica needs to not run in relationship circles anymore -amen to this one. so done running in circles.
needs to make extra money -true that, can always use extra money.
veronica needs three more seasons-yeah not mars but Supernatural. B and I have a sick feeling that it may be cancelled. so hope not.

needs a shag- are you kidding, um sorry no google, don't need a shag. some layers yes, shag no. :)
this was fun. enter your name in google and the word needs.
almost the weekend, yaaay


  1. omg.....i am dying!!!

    the favorite response from mine was "sometimes gloworm is all that gigi needs to settle down."



  2. Noelia needs the Lord’s mercy to make it through
    Noelia needs a photo to post
    Noelia needs to leave now as far as I'm concerned

    All of it from Google and all of them apply LOL!
    So cool..


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