where did my nice weather go

It is 39 right now but it feels like 29!!
what happen to nice sunny warm spring day from earlier in the week?
To boot we have a freeze warning in effect tonight
My poor tulips, don't think they will bloom now.
The weather doesn't look that much better for SC-mid 50's this weekend.
That's better, right?! LOL
OKAY, what is up with the creepy crawlies-
I killed two this morning in the bathroom
seriously yucky and freaky.
I guess they are confused and seeking refuge in my bathroom from the cold
sorry fellas no refuge here.

have fun, hope it is warm where you are


  1. I am feeling for you and the hijacking of your spring weather. I am in Utah and had the same thing happen to us last week.


  2. I feel ya! Its cold here today too, and its going to get EVEN colder!

  3. yep girl it's is cold here too.........have a great weekend, hope the sun pops out sometime!!

  4. It's cold here too! We woke up this morning and there was snow on the ground and it's freezing too. I had to turn on the heat again.

    Happy Easter!

  5. Ali Mclaughlin4:17 PM

    I know I hate this cold weather!!!

  6. The weather is driving me crazy!! Ithad been SO gorgeous for the last week and now back to 40 degrees. Yuck!!

  7. bbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    i can't imagine.
    get your warm up on this weekend for sure.
    happy easter!

  8. ekkkk to the weather and the creepy crawlies. sending some (((sunny vibes))) your way from AZ


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