whoooo child

major mojo today.
did dare 64
1st layout, love this old pic of my parents
they look pretty hip, don't cha think?!
and here is my mini album of my beloved Redskins!
the remainder of the album is at 2peas :)
have a great evening!!
ps...super congrats to my girls Lu and Amber for making the SOML DT!!! I know you
girls will rock it.


  1. I am soooo lovin' your work lately!! :)

  2. Oh vee I love that picture & layout of your parents. They look like they are a lot of fun. You're mini album is awesome, even if it is not of the Dolphins.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE your mini album!

  4. I saw it in your 2peas gallery and I loved it! That mini is to die for! Love how you've used all those transparencies. That pic of your parents is so cool and the LO is fab!

  5. Girl the mojo is flowing! Loving it all.

  6. You are workin the hambly! I "JUST" used this stuff for the first time! LOL

  7. I am totally IN LOVE with that layout of your parents! HOW super cool!

    OMGosh....just a couple more days, I'm trying not to think about it cause I'm so excited!

  8. ok....you know as a philly fan i shouldn't even be LOOKING at that mini....let alone be in love w/ it...

    & that layout is divine...yup...DI...VINE!!

    happy wednesday! gi

  9. Wow love those to bits!!:-D

  10. This is all AWESOME!! I just love the Redskins mini album (although, as a Dallas fan I have to say that the subject matter isn't my fave!! LOl). I love the idea--I should do a Bama Crimson Tide mini album, since they're my sports obsession!!!
    TFS all this great stuff!

  11. that lo of your parents is soooo supa fly, just like that pick haha! looooove it!

  12. your football book is sooo cute! :)

  13. andrea2:22 PM

    so love the mini book and the lo of your parents!!


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