I had a great Memorial Day weekend, hope you did as well! Tackled the latest dare over the weekend. What is not to like about the 80's, well somethings. LOL
I am total 80's girl since I was born in the late 70's. I has fun rummaging thru my mom's photos of me and my sis over the weekend. Can't wait to scrap the ones she let me have. I found this one which was taken at my uncle's house in South Carolina.
Color is a little off, the paper is actually green.
Let's look at this pic, I actually wore a exercise top as a top, oy!!! Sooo funny now but I thought I was styling. LOL, guess I thought I was Modonna or something.
I loved the music, slang, movies and of course the big earrings (which are so in right now).
Remember saying word after ever sentence,what's up or SYYYKE!!!
good times
xo-out :)


  1. Love the page Vee! Though I was really young in the 80s I remember all of it...wearing side ponytails, awesome music and stretch pants, etc.! I would also consider myself an 80s girl!

  2. Girl you did NOT say syke! lol you took me way back! LOL

  3. lookin' good!!! too...funny...love the syyke....and I remember saying PAAA-LEASE way to much too..awesome page!!!

  4. I love the 80's! (Said in that girl's voice from VHI's "I love the 80s!") Loving your outfit in the picture!

  5. This page is Rocking sweetie...


  6. This rocks Vee! I'm a child of the 80's too!

  7. woo hoo..you go girl.. don't forget the rolled jeans and the teased, teased, teased hair! love your page!

  8. totally 80's here too girl.

  9. Vee tooo cute! I'm so 80's too!

  10. awesome page!! and I am so an 80's girl at heart too ;)

  11. I think that I've had the same trousers as you did! LOL! How do you feel about all that fashion returning? Well, here in NL you can buy those high trousers again!

    Awesome page and love the pictures from your cruise!

  12. andrea12:44 AM

    very cool that you are brave enough to scrap an 80s pic! i should do that but I think my hair was teased to high to fit on the page! wish i had my jody watley hoops still cause they are so in now. awesome LO too, btw!


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