happiness and the hotness

I wasn't going to blog today but then I read stacey's blog and she inspired me. I love her 20 things post. Today is a scorcher but I am sure there will be many more days of this but hotter in the future. It is so, for this area plus humidity to the 100 power. No dry heat here pure thick can't breathe hot, almost like that today but not quite. OK, on to the list of of twenty...
1.SIStv-if you haven't peeped it check it out. Awesome site a people on the boards there.
2.Rob and Big- love this show, these guys crack me up. Rob is hilarious and Big's reactions to some of his antics are priceless. Plus he rocks the skateboard.
3.Wegmans chinese buffet-killa!!
5. POTC 3 on Saturday- can't wait to see this!! Johnny Depp say no more, I am so there!!
6.Chippery Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies- hands down, love it when the children sell these as fundraisers. B cooks these to perfection, me not so well. But still love them.
7.Domino Magazine, love seeing all of the colors and textures in this zine. It is full of inspiration.
8.Watching Saadiq and B hula hoop last night, so so cute!
9.Stamps, all kinds!! I really diggin' these lately.
10.Amy Winehouse song, rehab. So going to download this song tonight.
11.Perez, he quacks me up. He can be harsh at times but he is only writing what most people are thinking.
12.Cookouts, so happy it is that time again, think I may grill this weekend.
13.Scrapping different sizes. I am all of over the board lately with that. Right now I am digging anything small and less than 12x12. I am working on a layout now that is a in between size. I don't know the measurements but that is ok.
14. KC kit, can't wait to get mine.
15. Best flat iron on the market. I love mine and it is pink and small. It makes my hair super straight with ease.
16.cj's-loving leaving my mark and thoughts and getting to know more people that share this passion.
17.cute h&m earrings
18. layers, i know it is up but I love to layer my tanks and shirts
20.flickr-so many cool photos and inspiration there
xo-out!! :)


  1. This was a great read! I LOVE SIStv! ; )

  2. Hi, I just saw your comment on my blog. You mentioned you had emailed me about the products. I have received a lot of email in the past few weeks about the products. I am not sure if I ever got the email you sent and I wanted to check with you. Thanks

  3. Love your 20 things. I have an FHI iron...LOVES IT OKAY!?!?

  4. Loved reading your 20! I can't wait to get my SIS collection either! And I might have to take your word on that hot iron. My d keeps asking me to straighten her hair. Ugh! No fun with a blow dryer at all!

  5. fun list!!
    makes me want a new flat
    iron even though i just got mine..
    but its not pink :)

  6. love amy w. and that song

    and i love your list!

  7. You just reminded me that I totally need to hit up Wegmans in the near future. Love that place. Seriously, it is food mecca.

  8. omg WHEN THOSE KIDS SELLS THAT COOKIE DOUGH STUFF we had a freezer full of it THEY LIKE TO HAVE BROKE US cuz I think I was the only one that put it on a visa ROFLMBOOOOO. THey are so fine the heath bar ones OMG DELISH now see what you did IM dyin now for some!::SIGH::
    and ughm JOHNNY DEPP yes mam he is sooo the man
    LOVE amy winehouse.. saw her on what was it leno I think it was and immediatly went and d/l her she is just COOLNESS all over!!


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