scrap happy

I made two layouts yesterday.
both for challenges
the skins one of scrapjack 8, I think
love doing challenges. :)
Also made cotton yesterday at the spring carnival at my son's school. Lets just say it isn't as easy to get cotton candy perfection as it is on FOOD NETWORK. I am also learning today that is a job for a tall person. My back is killing me. HA!!!
I went out with my girl Christina last night. Saw toe go-go bands that were SLAMMIN'!! Sugar Bear and EU were there and they turned it out. Remember Doing the butt? That's the band. KILLA!! One of the things I love about DC is the go go bands. I danced until 2 am. Woke up this morning with a little buzz still. LOL
Have a great Sunday, hopeful to get some more scrappin done. But for right now The Break Up and The Prestige are calling my name. Total girl day with my sis today.
loves it.


  1. Hi sweetie

    Those pages are ROCKING as always ;)
    I love to do challenges myself BUT I have NO TIME lol...


  2. hi there!
    happy sunday hope you and your sis had an awesome day!
    love your style, esp your take on the latest least the one i was attempting to finish LOL

  3. girl, you blow me away. those are amazing layouts. A-mazing!!! xoxo

  4. Dude, those are some killer pages!
    I especially love the Skins one. We should hit up a game together next season!

  5. Super amazing layouts!!

  6. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!:)

    The skins page is so cool! Like the picture of the hineys! LOL Your so cute! Heh.
    Your OLW is rocking to sista! Right on!

  7. Hey! I saw these on SIS! They are fabulous! Glad you had fun dancing! Have a happy Monday! Kim

  8. Aunt B.G.2:53 PM

    I always enjoy the creative work that you produce. I'm your number one fan and encourager. Talk to you soon!

  9. Oh my gosh Vee! I love your layouts. The background paper on the Redskins layout is so cool.
    You rock!

  10. it sound like you had a's always nice to go see the old school brings back lots of it gets you thinking of the dance steps to that song...because i can still remember doing the butt dance :o)...omgosh...that was a long time again ;-)

    great layouts...especially like how you used pattern papers on your go layout

  11. Lots of great work here! love.

  12. It's always great to see your work Vee! You totally rocked those challenges!

  13. love love love these! amazing. hey by chance, did you send my goodies yet? if not, i may want to give you an alternate addy. either way- i cannot wait to get them!!


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