more holiday fotos and other yumminess

OKAY, I think I am back into my "regular" routine. I have some more photos from holiday (love this euro word for vaca=happy). I also saw Holiday while on holiday. Awesome movie, most deff will add to my dvd collection.
Saadiq's handmade grasshopper made by Thomas in St. Lucia. Well it was really for me but he posed with the pic.
Dominica from the ship. the water. Oh I degress, think I may have to work for Carnival in another life.

Synai dancing in the water at Antigua. Man I wish I had her cute little thighs. LOL
Finally finished up this mini.
love it, it is about 4x4 I think maybe smaller
me don't measure
just pencil and cut
pencil and cut

entire album can be found here.


  1. Dude! I need that picture of me! The one where I'm scrapping. Where did you get that? Love that mini-book. I can't wait to the finished product in IRL someday!!

  2. Aunt B.G.2:18 PM

    Wow...I really like your mini-scrapbook. It's impressive! The children look so cute. I love that pic of Diq. I am reminiscing already about that cruise and I'm ready to go on another one. Aren't you? The phones are down here in the office and I'm not complaining! Anyways, I will talk to you soon.

  3. that album is way to rad! i totally need to take a kc class!

  4. i love the movie, The Holiday! I saw it on the plane as well. it made me cry. love the minis!

  5. Hmm, I love that album. The bubblesheet is just brilliant!And...that vacation...awe I need one to...

  6. Wow girl that's AWESOME...
    YOu rocked it yeah


  7. love that album, too! i will HAVE to take one of these vacations soon.

  8. o girl.... so amazing... u really rawked this book. what a talent you are girl!!! totally killa!!! and more amazing shots of ur holiday!!! xoxo :smooches:

  9. VEEEEE! You always continually amaze me! That album is the absolute fabulous BEST!

  10. Love the album looks realy great wouw.

  11. Dude, this album rocks SO HARD!!! I finally got a chance to sit down and look at it and I am so pissed I can't touch it in real life! I love it. And I am so totally flattered ;)


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