running at the speed of light

things are coming down to the wire and I have so many things that I want to get done before our trip. Esp. since I will not be scrapping for a week, I feel this need to scrap like mad before I leave amongst other things.

*make the mini of my class with
I have it in my head and it is dying to get out, got my pics back from They are the bomBBBBB!!! I have all of these cool little sizes that are perfect for mini's.

*buy new luggage --will be one mad bia bia if the airline destroys it like one other time while traveling with new luggage.

*buy memory card for camera
*start packing
*finish my rolodex swap tonight
*finish photo swap with Mara

*hunt down Saadiq's and Synai's summer clothes
*groom Aiden
*brainstorm of some things to make for the children to keep them preoccupied while traveling
I think that can be done, lol. right?!!

on another note that kind of bothered me, this morning at work we had a emergency (or someone just pulled the fire alarm...don't know) so the emergency message comes on. I start to pack of up my personals, lock the door yada yada. I head outside to my car, look at the building , don't see any smoke. I hear sirens, fire trucks arrive. Call co-worker to let her know the situation. So I wait for a few minutes in the WHIP...guess what no one comes out of the building!!! I was really amazed because I got out of there without a second thought. What if it was a real fire, not one person came out, matter of fact people were still going into the office building with the message still playing to leave the building. The fire truck left so I went back to my office. Just kind of made me think how people have different priorites.
new svu tonight, yay!!
will post pics laters.


  1. What's with that?! I know when we used to have regular fire alarms at work because of a restaurant in the building, people got very lazy about leaving and they got a shock one day when there really was a small fire!

    Good luck getting everything done!

  2. You are going to be a busy woman. BTW, I love, love, love Scrapbook pictures. Great stuff.

  3. everything will all come together and you are gonna have such a blast on vacation!
    fire alarm= no fun though.

  4. Seems like you've got enough stuff to keep you busy before your trip!
    I really hate false alarms but you can never be too cautious right?

    P.S I tagged you so check out my blog okay?

  5. I'm jalous.. I want to go on a vacation tooooooooo CRY CRY LOL

    MMM people are sometimes so weird.. I would fly out of the building just like you


  6. you sound like a busy busy girl :) haha.... and i hear you.. i get sb withdrawals while on vacation too.

  7. people are crazy! y'know what annoys me? when people drive down the shoulder in bumper ot bumper traffic, as if they are the only people who need to be somewhere, totally disregarding the fact that emergency vehicles need to get down that way. ugh! haha, sorry, mini rant.

  8. Wow - you're a busy girl!

  9. I'll come over and help hehe...
    Happy packing:-D

  10. Girl when I was in Vegas at the convention the alarm went off and NO one left!! I was shocked that myself and another guy were the only two even gathering our stuff to leave....Have fun on your trip :-)

  11. That is kind of sad that noone bothered to come out of the building during the fire drill. At my job someone comes around to makes people get out of the building. Of Course noone has to make me get.

    Glad to see you getting ready for yor trip. And that you got your passport in time. You will have fun and I can't wait to see those pics.


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