supa duba TGIF....

I am almost complete with my CJ and it will go out in the mail tomorrow to Lu. :)
I wanted to get it out before I leave
I can't wait to get my firt one sent to me.
I can't believe I will be leaving in a couple of days!!
This is a peek at the album, hope you girls have fun with it.
It looks a little different now, just to keep it a little surprise, ya know?!

wow, this post has alot of I's in it. lol!!
So what did y'all think of Greys last night. I don't know if I am feeling the spin off show, even though I love Addison. It seemed kind of cheesy.
Have a great weekend and make sure you check out 2peas tomorrow, may just see a surprise ;)


  1. Girl... slammin CJ!! Can't wait to get it!!!! Just SLAMMIN!
    Ya can't wait for our surprises on 2 peas tomorrow! xoxo

  2. Congrats on getting the CJ finished!

    As for Grey's, it got me thinking about a few things and I blogged a little about it today! I think I might actually like the spinoff since I like some of the actors and characters they had on there last night. I'm not sure what's happening as far as the characters on Grey's though. Still not liking the George/Izzie thing at all. Have to wait and see...

    Have a fantastic NSD!

  3. renee1:24 PM

    Cute journal. Can you come work on mine? I really need to do that this weekend.

  4. The CJ is adorable!


  5. LOVE your CJ its adorable!

    and as for Greys..I thought it was just ok too. I definitely wasn't feeling the whole spin-off and probably wont watch it. but the ending of greys where Merideth got slaped..that was WOW

  6. Now i see your cj I'm thinking WHY DIDN'T I JOIN THIS LOL...

    It's gorgeous VEE ;)

    I will be hooked up at 2peas tomorrow


  7. ohh vee! this is stunning! holy cow, woman. sigh. i love coming here everyday to check out the eye candy inspo :) happy friday vee!

  8. it looks so fun! can't wait to get this circle going! so many amazing ladies in it!

  9. Love it Vee!!! This looks so friggen cool!

  10. THIS IS NICE!!

    Bety :)


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