and so it is...

another Monday
start of a new week and beginning of a new month.
did some scrapping this weekend
still have Johnny and Orlando on the brain
can't stop thinking about POC 3
will their be another one?
part of me wants it, but thinking they may ruin it

here are some sneak peeks at my layouts for Scrapbook Takeout
as well as a tag, from Bethany.
getting giddy about Saadiq's promotion on Friday, can't believe he is done with kindergarten already!! :)
enJoy your day!!

1. Famous Singer/Band: Van Halen
2. 4 letter word: vice

3. Street: Verbena Street NW

4. Color: violet
5. Gifts/Presents: Versace perfume

6. Vehicle: Volvo
7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: visors

8. Boy Name: Victor
9. Girl Name: Vanessa
10. Movie Title: Vendetta

11. Drink: vodka
12. Occupation: Vulcan - a blacksmith; iron worker
13. Celebrity:Victoria Beckham

14. Magazine: Vogue
15. U.S. City: Valentines,VA
16. Pro Sports Teams: Vikings (Minnesota)
17. Fruit: Voavanga
18. Reason for Being Late for Work: virus
19. Something You Throw Away: vegetable skins
20. Things You Shout: viola
21. Cartoon Character: Vanity (smurf)


  1. The peek look awesome. Must catch POC soon. Just watched spidey.Ohh...Van Halen, i like their songs. Enjoy your week, girl!!:-D

  2. Ohhh, what a neat idea to outline the letters! Can't wait to see the LO's!!!

  3. Love that layout!! Give Saadiq a hug for me!!! and tell him Congrats!!

  4. Congratulations for Saadiq!
    Can't wait to see the rest of the peek's!
    Victoria Beckham!? LOL

  5. i want to see that full lo! and that letter thing looks fun!i might have to nab that one someday soon!

  6. you know i love that layout before the full unveil :) heh. that v-list is awesome :)

  7. Sweet scrappage my happy-girl.
    Congrats on your baby's k-gard upgrade.
    V-list rocks, reminds me of Scattergories, my all-time fave board game. Happy mail comin atcha, it's on it's way x 2!

  8. Vee you are too cool!

  9. congrats!!!

    still haven't seen cap'n jack yet. hopefully this weekend

  10. Uh, Vee, we want to see more! :)

  11. Ohhh, love the peeks.
    I want to see more!
    Like, now! Ha.
    Can't wait to see your creations!

  12. Show us more please!
    Loved how you did the 21 things starting with the letter V. Very cool :)

  13. So loving the V-list. From one V to another, job well done.

  14. Love you list girlie! Please show us more of that awesome layout!!

  15. had a hard name to do!! I went over and checked out the site, what great stuff they have!!

  16. Ooohhh.. Can't wait to see the layouts!!!

  17. Love the peek but I want to see it NOW. I am so bummed I missed the end credits for POC. I can't wait for the DVD!


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