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I had a great weekend, very chill. Pretty balanced even did some cleaning and laundry. I loved Kristina's why album so much when she was in MD ( I didn't take the class) but wanted to have it. I made it that weekend, but now getting a chance to fill it up a little and because... I am soooo addicted to mini's, can you tell?
some things I am happy about today-
*that is cooler than the weatherman predicted
*gabbed with Nat today, loved that
*listening to my sister's story about her jeweler.priceless
*my KC kit will be coming by the latest Tuesday, totally can't wait for this.
*my Denver trip is les than a month away.
can't wait to meet karla,amber,jude, kim, tannis and ronda IRL
*tomorrow will be three days closer to Friday. :)
have a great one!! :)


  1. Lots of good stuff, Vee. Love the minis too. I can't get enough of them!!
    I hope my Kristi kit is on it's way too... :)

  2. Love the mini album. Your list is fun too. Are you going to scrap it?

  3. Loved our chat! I swear that is the only thing that got me through today. Ahh, stupid monday!

    Chat later on this week?

  4. Glad you had a good weekend!!!!

  5. sounds like you had a good weekend!

  6. I'm loving all the green I see in your photos! It's been a little bit cooler here, too, now that we finally got some rain...

  7. i love your scrapjack you posted on sis!
    this does look like one cool album, maybe i will have to take her class, she comes out our way in sept:)

  8. those minis rock! love the list, but my weatherman said it was a 106 and it was!

  9. looks great Vee... and I would love to take a class with her too! And woohoo... not much longer until the party bus arrives in Denver! LOL...


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