it's friday y'all

antigua face
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It's Friday, y'all. Was it quick for you, my week flew by -like I like it :)
My camera died this morning so I do not have any happiness layouts to share ( sorry Nicole).... BUT I will upload some tonight, did a few this morning. Since I hate to upload without a picture here is one of Saadiq from our vacation. This was taken on the beach in Antigua.
Jamaica had blogged about signs here a few days ago. I loved it and thought the libra descrip matches me so well. I think it will make for some great titles to layouts. I am the partner for life.
*caring and kind
center of attention.
has the last word. good to find, hard to keep. fun to be around, extremely weird but in a good way.
good sense of humor. thoughtful.
always gets what he or she wants,
loves to joke.
very popular.
silly, fun and sweet.
Which one are you?


  1. i am:

    has the last word (most of the time) and fun to be around.

    get some more batteries girl! I love your pics!

  2. ummmm...i'm aquarius as well...ugh.

    so i'll just go with 'great talker', lol.

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

    I adore your work girl.

    You are awesome!!!

  4. Great pic. Happy Friday!!

  5. Awesome picture Vee!
    And totally had to laugh when I saw your post...have a great Friday :)

  6. Happy Friday, Vee! That post about the signs cracked me up - I'm "The Promiscuous One" whaaaat?

  7. sorry about the dead camera...bummer!

  8. Ouch that must hurt... I mean your camera is dead...that's a big issue to scrapbookers ;)
    Hope you'll find a new one soon to share layouts with us...

    What a cutie that little guy is...


  9. I'm does that make me the "cool one"? hmm
    Love your LO's Vee and did I read right? Is your camera dead like dead and gone to camera heaven or dead like in my battery is dead...?

  10. Hope you did indeed have a great Friday! :)

  11. i'm a taurus and apparently the most amazing kisser! how funny!


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